Tuesday on our Bargara Break

Got up, early. I was very hot in bed and needed to relax.
He made me a beautiful drink on our 41st and 1 day anniversary (wedding)
We brought our juicer as we are addicted to making our own fresh juice.
Went to resort lobby and registered for a Mon Repos tour on the beach looking for turtles.
Went out to search in the unknown world around Bundaberg and Bargara.
Found a most beautiful spot at Moore Park. It was all beachy there, and hardly any homes, or they were hidden away. It was so isolated and lovely, like being on the moon.
Found an amazing couple (Clive and Rosemary) who told us that there was a tavern nearby (how exciting) and that they had a cheap roast lunch on Tuesdays, for $6.95.
What a surprise to find this beautiful, almost new tavern, with its friendly staff and cleanliness supreme. We enjoyed our lunch.
We looked at the local real estate shop (almost next door) and found prices very cheap here: $350,000 for acreage and house, etc. Impressive.
Such a beautiful place, with hardly any people living here, yet there are hurting people in North Bundaberg who were flooded badly in 2011, and are still hurting.
I cannot understand this at all.