Find my blogs Alzheimers

Is anyone having trouble logging in to WordPress? I have been wandering around trying to reset password which they said was incorrect: all three that I tried: I know hackers are constantly at work out there, so I kept checking my email account but the email did not turn up. 

I finally found the right page. I am wondering if there are pseudonym pages out there?

I noticed that when I changed browsers (clicking on the tiny icon with a triangle) to I.e., the whole concept changed.

I am here now but it has been a battle. Anyone got helpful ideas to stop hackers sending us off track? I noticed an Ip address was spotted by my security guys (thanks mates) twice during this process. Can we block ip sites from here?

As this security online is taking up so much of my time and energy and making me mental, I would appreciate any clues from online gurus out there.  



One thought on “Find my blogs Alzheimers

  1. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for paying a visit to our free vector graphics website. This is one of us sending you warm greetings:) Like your words and pics on your simple designed blog BTW. Have a nice day!

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