Password dilemma


I was wondering if others have the same problem with passwords as I have? I do go online a lot, and am posting in various places, plus other stuff. In each site, I have had to ‘change’ my password over the years a number of times, sometimes for good reasons, like hacking. 

However, I am finding that when I return to a site (like Marieseltenrych’s Blog), I have totally forgotten my password. I try a few different ones but usually end up having to reset my password and then I am asked to ‘make it stronger’ so I do that. After that I think it is okay, but later, I find that I can’t remember the ‘strong’ password that I had to put in. I have tried to put it down on paper, but alas, the bits of paper end up on the floor and from thence to the paper basket. 

Anyone tot a fool-proof way of recalling a password, or loads of them because of requests of online sites?