Find my blogs Alzheimers

Is anyone having trouble logging in to WordPress? I have been wandering around trying to reset password which they said was incorrect: all three that I tried: I know hackers are constantly at work out there, so I kept checking my email account but the email did not turn up. 

I finally found the right page. I am wondering if there are pseudonym pages out there?

I noticed that when I changed browsers (clicking on the tiny icon with a triangle) to I.e., the whole concept changed.

I am here now but it has been a battle. Anyone got helpful ideas to stop hackers sending us off track? I noticed an Ip address was spotted by my security guys (thanks mates) twice during this process. Can we block ip sites from here?

As this security online is taking up so much of my time and energy and making me mental, I would appreciate any clues from online gurus out there.  



Tuesday on our Bargara Break

Got up, early. I was very hot in bed and needed to relax.
He made me a beautiful drink on our 41st and 1 day anniversary (wedding)
We brought our juicer as we are addicted to making our own fresh juice.
Went to resort lobby and registered for a Mon Repos tour on the beach looking for turtles.
Went out to search in the unknown world around Bundaberg and Bargara.
Found a most beautiful spot at Moore Park. It was all beachy there, and hardly any homes, or they were hidden away. It was so isolated and lovely, like being on the moon.
Found an amazing couple (Clive and Rosemary) who told us that there was a tavern nearby (how exciting) and that they had a cheap roast lunch on Tuesdays, for $6.95.
What a surprise to find this beautiful, almost new tavern, with its friendly staff and cleanliness supreme. We enjoyed our lunch.
We looked at the local real estate shop (almost next door) and found prices very cheap here: $350,000 for acreage and house, etc. Impressive.
Such a beautiful place, with hardly any people living here, yet there are hurting people in North Bundaberg who were flooded badly in 2011, and are still hurting.
I cannot understand this at all.

Bargara Break – hope for separation-computer-anxiety


Just a few comments on our Bargara Break posted with pics. I made the mistake of choosing pictures and then found it hard to put text in. 

I was actually encouraged to post this little break by Elaine Amanda (thanks friend). 

Me, I hate taking any kind of break from my computer. I am chained here and it is very difficult to get a release. Because it was our 41st anniversary (wedding), I relented and said, “Yes, I will take a break.”  It was so hard for me. 

For those suffering from separation-computer-anxiety, I give you hope. 

I made a decision and said, “That’s it.” I walked away from my computer, got in the car and sat in the passenger seat, worrying about my computer. 

I wanted to go back there, to capture my computer and hug it. 

I didn’t do that.

Instead, I peered at the roadworks going on, green pastures passing rapidly (he drives fast as speed limit). 

Soon I had ‘almost’ forgotten my first  second love and was concentrating on my beloved of 41+ years (married for 41 years, so it’s 10 months more than that). 

Loved the drive. 

Loved stopping for a break. 

Kept asking “Are we there yet?” typical non-comprehending passenger. 

Stopped at Gympie and had a wonderful roast. That was interesting because they wanted cash and guess what? Yes, I didn’t have any; well maybe a few coins that were not enough. 

The girl (thank you lovely girl) believed me and prepared our late lunch (after 2.30 pm). 

Soon he reappeared, smiling, looking so handsome, so attractive… (enough of this)

He paid. 

We ate.

We left.

Finally arrived in Bargara around 5:30 pm. Monday. 

Resort restaurant was not open on Mondays!! 

Headed for Reilly’s restaurant. It was open!! Halleluia, we could eat. 

Lovely staff, woman who looked 25 claimed she was 42. Still don’t believe her.

Had chicken a-la carte (French word) and He had mud crab and fish.

Everything was lovely and no bones about that.

Back to resort; watched TV for a while, had a liqueur and our own peppermint tea.

Went to bed.

It was very hot. Put the fan on (three times)

He slept well in the rafters where he can snore peacefully.

Finally, I think, I slept.

Next day: more…